Add On Features

Once you've made a decision about all of the basics of your pool, selecting the add-on options can be the most exciting part!

Below are some ideas of the items you can add to enhance the look, feel and enjoyment of your pool.

Need help keeping your pool clean?  Have a Polaris Cleaner help with the work.  Attach the cleaner to the in-wall fitting and let it go to work.  The patiented sweeping tail brings debris up off the floor for easier clean-up.

A spill-over spa is an excellent add-on to your In-ground pool.  You can relax after a hard day, while the kids enjoy the pool.  The spill-over feature creates a nice waterfall into your pool.

Color changing lights are new to the industry and a great alternative to Fiber optics, but able to fit your budget.  Change the color of your water to blue, green, red, and white with one of these lights.Inter-Fab's newest addition to their water slide line is the G-Force.  No other slide on the market can touch this unique design and concept.  Make your on backyard like being at a commercial water park without leaving the comfort of your home.

Dive into paradise with an Inter-fab diving board.  They come in a variety of options and colors to fit you landscape.

The Wild Ride Slide from Inter-Fab gives you long lasting enjoyment plus the safety of a totally enclosed ladder system. 

The Zoom Flume water system provides more water onto the slide.

Get extreme with Inter-Fab's X-Stream slide. This state of the art water slide will take your pool to the next level of excitement.