Swimming Pool Construction

Construction of an In-ground pool can be confusing.  Let us take you through the step-by-step process that turns your backyard into your own personal paradise.


First the steel walls are constructed, leveled, and held in place by steel braces.  Leveling the pool is critical to having your pool preform and look the way it should.



Next, deck braces are placed around the perimeter of the pool for added support.  A vermiculite bottom is put into the pool before the vinyl liner is snapped in place.  A cement collar is poured to hold everything in place.



All the piping is run using PVC flex pipe to the skimmers, inlets, main drains, and cleaner.  While your pool starts to fill with water, gravel is backfilled around the pool.



You're almost done once the deck is poured.  Any add-on options such as slides or diving boards will be added.



Once the finishing touches are done, you are ready to swim in your own personal backyard paradise.



A well constructed and clean filter pad eliminates any hydraulic problems and makes servicing your filtration system easy.